Friday, May 27, 2016

Las Vegas Real Estate Market Update-April 2016

Check out today's video. I will be giving an in-depth look at the Las Vegas Real Estate market update for April 2014. Many things are happening in the Las Vegas Real Estate market which is why its important to receive updated information as much as possible. Things are shifting here in the Las Vegas Real Estate market and in today’s update I will be sharing information about how many total homes are selling in both the traditional and distressed categories.  

Monday, August 17, 2015

Las Vegas Real Estate Market Update July 2015

There were a total of 3,607 Single Family, Condo and Townhomes closed in the month of June.
(Total number of transactions are up by 157 closed transactions from June 2015 to July 2015)
Resale: 85.1% or 3,071 (Resale is down slightly from 85.8% or 2,961 in June 2015)
Short Sales: 7.1% or 256 (Short Sales are up from 6.7% or 231 in June 2015)
REO: 7.8% or 280 (REO is up from 7.5% or 258 in June 2015)
953 Cash Purchases (This is up by 12 from 941 in June 2015)
1285 Conventional Financing (This is up by 100 from 1185 in June 2015)
991 FHA Financing (This is up by 11 from 980 in June 2015)
312 VA Financing (This is up by 34 from 278 in June 2015)

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Veer Towers Las Vegas Luxury High Rise Condo Update

In this short video I share the latest updates about Veer towers. Veer Towers is one of the hottest and fastest selling high rise condo communities here in Las Vegas .Check out this short video to learn all about the current opportunities available at Veer Towers

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